Shrubs that Will Brighten up Any Garden

If your garden is looking a little drab and boring, there is a fast way to brighten it up. Ornamentals are beautiful shrubs that are easy to plant and take care of, which makes them an ideal choice for any homeowner.

There are literally hundreds of varieties available. So, to help you to narrow down your options we have put together details of a few of our favorites.

Laurels – some of the most beautiful shrubs

One of the best choices is Laurels. They are hardy, grow in most soil conditions, and cope reasonably well with all kinds of climates. They tend to prefer sunny conditions, but many people grow them successfully in colder climates. They simply keep them in pots, which they can put in a greenhouse when the weather gets too cold. Skip Cherry Laurel Shrubs are able to cope with temperatures as low as -10 without needing any special attention.

Laurels come in all shapes and sizes. They grow to between 12 and 40 feet, so they are ideal for hedging. But, a lot of people trim them into beautiful shapes to create stunning flowering sculptures for their gardens.


Fruiting shrubs

If you like to eat food that you grow, fruit bushes or shrubs are ideal. They do not grow anywhere as big as other types of shrubs. However, they are still pretty plants that will look good in virtually any type of garden.

One of the fastest growing fruit trees is a Peach tree. These trees can grow to a height of 15 feet within a year and will quickly provide some delicious peaches too.

Over the past few years, new varieties have been developed including wonderful, thornless blackberries. They produce lovely blossoms that turn into tasty fruit. Some varieties can reach 6 feet tall! These versatile plants can also be used to create a green screen in front of a fence.


Evergreen shrubs

Some varieties of shrub shed their leaves each year. A lot of them are really beautiful, so a lot of gardeners do not mind planting them. However, not everyone likes the sight of what looks like a bunch of dead twigs in their garden. If you fall into that category, you will want to opt for evergreen shrubs instead.

There are two main types – needled and broadleaf. They both look nice, but which you can use depends largely on the climate in your garden.

A lot of people like varieties like Stewartstonian azalea, which gives you two beautiful different displays at various times of the year. In the spring, you can enjoy the lovely flowers and in the fall the leaves change color too, providing you with a new look to enjoy.


Deciduous shrubs

If you do not mind plants that shed their leaves, there are some truly stunning varieties available. The nice thing about these is that the leaves go through a range of colors,  making them an interesting addition to any garden. Varieties like White ash, Red maple, and Autumn Blaze maple are particularly beautiful.


Where to find out about more varieties

If you want to find out more, this article from the DIY network is a great starting point. It covers 15 different varieties of shrub and includes in-depth information about where they can be used. Beautiful shrubs will work wonders to brighten up your landscaping, no matter what time of year!

What are your favorite kinds of shrubs and trees to plant throughout the year?





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